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T profiles comes from the definition of a T-shaped person. “T-shaped people have a depth of skill in one area—the vertical line of the “T”—and an ability to work cross-functionally across disciplines—the horizontal line of the “T” said Tim Brown, IDEO CEO in 2010 [1]. McKinsey mentions that “T-shaped skills profile (has) a broad set of generally applicable skills, supplemented by a spike of specific expertise.” [2]

Lisa Bodell says in her article “At the individual level, you can become more T-shaped by cross-training in areas adjacent to your own area of deep expertise. By gaining familiarity and fluency in adjacent topics, you’ll increase breadth and, eventually, your depth in those same areas.” She also mentions that “investing in T-shaped skills — across your org or individually — strengthens collaboration and communication for team members and between teams. You’ll open up silos and increase the agility of employees, which improves an org’s overall efficiency.” [3]

I could say I’m working to become (or as I am already) a T-shaped person, with actual expertise in Digital Transformation, Digital Acceleration, Digital Startups, Operational Excellence, Process Intelligence, AI, and Cybersecurity.

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Ricardo Seguel
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